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Our Services

We have unparalleled expertise in a wide variety of projects types. Our various roles include acting as the prime contractor, a joint venture partner, and/or as a specialty subcontractor. 

Bridges & Roads

Davis Construction, Inc. is one of the premier bridge builders in the state of Michigan, having built, refurbished, and restored hundreds of bridges since 1970.  Our knowledge, expertise, and track record in this area is unmatched.  We specialize in slab, concrete girder, steel superstructure, timber bridges, as well as structural concrete, sheet piling, pile driving, and concrete paving. 


In order to create a solid infrastructure foundation, nearly every site requires some sort of modification of the ground surface topography through grading.  Grading reshapes the surface of the land to make it compatible with the intended land use and the overall system.  Davis Construction has the ingenuity and know-how to meet all of your earthwork and grading needs.

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Pedestrian Tunnel &


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