Construction projects by their nature present an environment where people are susceptible to injury. However, accidents can be prevented, and our commitment is to make our projects and operations as safe as possible. Above all else, Davis is committed to safety. No project is successful unless it is built correctly and safely. We strive to prevent all accidents through proper training, planning, employee engagement, and constant caution.

Our main priority is to make sure every person who works with us or for us returns home safely every day. We have a zero-tolerance policy for unsafe practices. Our policies go above and beyond OSHA standards and we seek out exceptional safety ratings. Addressing critical safety and health issues is an effective tool for reducing fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace. We emphasize safety because it is the right thing to do and therefore it’s a priority and core tenet of our company.

An effective program requires job-specific planning, accountability, and training. Each project is closely evaluated to identify and mitigate risks to the well-being of workers and the public. Environmental awareness and consideration to the concerns of the communities are some of our most important elements.

Every person on the worksite shares equally the responsibility to maintain a safe working environment. Taking corrective action on safety hazards is appreciated and encouraged at all levels of employment. Everyone from our employees to our vendors, subcontractors, communities, clients and our clients’ customers is part of a job specific safety plan.



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